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How do I know the required length of EasyBoatRoller?

It depends on the steepness of the shore and water surface level variations. To make sure that EasyBoatRoller is working in the right way, the rails should be placed deep enough in the water to be able to let the boat always go so far that it will float on top of the sledge. In addition to the draught of the boat, appr. 20 mm of water is required.

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What is the most suitable carrying capacity class to my boat?

EasyBoatRoller carrying capacity classes mean the total capacity. The class in question includes the weight of the boat, the engine, equipment and passengers. For example, if the weight of the boat is 400 kg plus engine weights 100 kg and in addition the fuel, equipment and passengers weight 300 kg, EasyBoatRoller with carrying capacity class of 1000 kg is needed.

What is required from the shore for installing EasyBoatRoller?

EasyBoatRoller can be placed on most of the shores incl. rock, sand and mud bottom. Installing also to the rocky shore is possible when EasyBoatRoller is attached with bolts to the rock. The cross-beams of EasyBoatRoller has holes for attaching. In the case of particularly steep shore, the suitability of EasyBoatRoller needs to be examined.

How EasyBoatRoller copes in the sea water?

We have paid attention to EasyBoatRoller seawater duration. The body is made of hot-rolled steel, which is hot-dip galvanized. Other parts used in EasyBoatRoller are made of acid proof steel and wooden parts of pressure-treated wood. The thickness of zinc layer is 100-150 μm. Expected service life varies in different regions according to salinity of the water.

Can EasyBoatRoller be left in its place for winter (in the areas where water freezes)?

EasyBoatRoller can be in many cases held on its place also in winter. If the lake conditions are difficult, like large open water, challenging ice conditions or EasyBoatRoller is installed on the rock, we recommend that you remove the part of rails which are under water. Remove the bolts in the connection point that is over the waterline and pull the rail part that stays in the water to the dry land by winch or leave the rail part under the ice cap. The boat can stay on normal winter storage on top of the upper part of EasyBoatRoller, even if the lower part would be removed for winter.

How to install EasyBoatRoller?

EasyBoatRoller is supplied with installation instructions which enable successful installation with basic tools. It is important to focus on supporting the cross beams that are placed in 2,5 m distances to be able to get the rails into as direct line as possible. Regarding the other parts, the rails can stay on air and there is no need to support them for the entire distance.

How long is the warranty for EasyBoatRoller?

EasyBoatRoller warranty is valid for five (5) years for the frame and metal parts and one (1) year for winches and wooden parts.

Does EasyBoatRoller need service?

EasyBoatRoller does not require any special, regular maintenance. From time to time, it would be good to check that there is no stones, litter etc. on the rails. We recommend adding water vaseline on the axle of the wheels annually to make them last longer.

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