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The benefits of EasyBoatRoller shore dock

  • The EasyBoatRoller shore dock makes it easy to launch the boat into the water and light to pull up again
  • It is easy to get in and out of the boat using the stairs
  • The supportive structure of the EasyBoatRoller enables its use also on shallow or uneven shores
  • The EasyBoatRoller can always be in the same place regardless of water surface level variations
  • With the help of the boat dock successful landing is possible also in side wind conditions
  • When pulled onto the dock the boat is protected from wind and storms
  • It is easy to put the boat into winter storage and the boat is conveniently ready to go in the spring
  • The bottom of the boat stays clean on top of the EasyBoatRoller, where it is also easy to do the necessary maintenance work
  • A space as wide as the boat is enough for the EasyBoatRoller dock. Therefore, it is easy to place in tight spaces in for example neighboring boat places

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It is easy to get in and out of EasyBoatRoller using the stairs